Wedding Testimonials:

"Reverend Denise met with us a few months before the wedding and helped us create a very personal and meaningful ceremony. Her selection of poetry and other readings was a perfect depiction of our relationship. She executed the ceremony with such genuine emotion and honesty. It was so beautiful! Our guests commented on the ceremony and they said it was one of the most current and interesting ceremonies they had ever witnessed. And when Rev. Denise sings, it is like a beautiful bird singing to her children. She is so special. We were so pleased and have highly recommended her to our friends." - Lucille and John Saladino

Life Coach Testimonials:

“For me, Denise DiRenzo has opened the doors to self-realization. In a foundational way, she has helped me to find the light that I kept myself from being able to see.” - Joseph Kolinski (Actor, Teacher)

Empowerment Workshop Testimonials:

"Denise DiRenzo's Empowerment Workshop was one of the most profound experiential workshops I have ever participated in. Denise's soft, reassuring presence and deep caring created a safe space in which I could specifically define and declare what I wished to create in all areas of my life. This workshop gave me invaluable tools, as I was taught how to properly design and employ positive affirmations to attract that which I desire into my life. This experience truly empowered me; rather than giving me a fish, it taught me how to fish." - Lynne

"Better then Denise's Empowerment Workshop...Is Denise! Her grace, sense of humor and compassion made both Empowerment Workshops I attended, deep, focused and fascinating. Denise's brilliance as a leader, listener, and effortless guide helped me and each participant move through the quagmire of our own lives...She has a gentle softness that is based in spirit. Her loving heart and strength is gounded in reality. Being in the soulful presence of Denise and her work, is a gift for anyone who wants to fly...!!!" - Reverend "Belle" Kent

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